I’m BACK! 

Wow, has it really been over THREE years since I blogged?! Where has the time gone? Well, I can tell you where part of it has gone to: 

We have a new baby bro! Yes, it’s not the most flattering pic, but it’s the most recent, so there ya go. His name is Ethan and he is such a great little guy. His brother adores him as much as we do and we are so blessed to have two boys! 🙂 

And now, tiny little baby Jakey is FOUR! Can you believe it?! He’s like a real life child now! No more toddler stage here, and he is all boy. This guy always wants to be in the dirt playing with a vehicle or a tool. Plus he has the imagination to go with it! He’s going to tell me soon I bet that he has an imaginary friend, I’m just waiting for it. 

I’m so ready to jump back in to blogging with both feet. Not only am I really excited to keep up with my children, but I have some great ideas I want to share as a SAHM and just ideas for life in general! I’ll never claim to be an expert, but I love helping whenever I can. 🙂 

Thanks for reading! See you again soon, and be on the look out for my other updated social media pages to come! 


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