How I Pack For A Quick Weekend Trip

Hey all!

This was my first official weekend trip away from my baby…and the longest I’ve actually been away from him. Ever. Aside from three times he’s stayed over at his grandparents, I haven’t ever been away from him longer than about 4 hours, and he’s always been a two-minute drive away. So this is definitely not a post about how I’m dealing with it emotionally, because I don’t think that I’m an expert in that type of thing. As far as how I was, though, I only had one real crying jag…and I really needed it! It was like I had all those emotions all bottled up and I was feeling physically ill almost from being sad. I was lucky though because my friend that I went to visit is a mom of two so she totally understood what I was going through.

Anyhow, I wanted to do a post about how I simply packed for a weekend trip, not only because this is the first one I’ve gone on in a while, but this is the first one I’ve gone on in FOREVER where I’ve only had to worry about packing for myself, so no worrying about moving dad’s or baby’s things out-of-the-way to take accompanying pictures! Yay! Haha…I also really love reading these types of blogs or seeing these types of topics on YouTube, so what’s the harm in adding my twist? 🙂

The leopard print duffel bag I actually was gifted almost six years ago, but it hails from the San Jose flea market. The makeup bags are from Victoria’s Secret. You might still be able to get the smaller hot pink and the larger patent ones as I just purchased them at this most recent semi-annual sale.

Now we’ll move on to what I have in each bag, starting smallest to biggest:

This smaller make-up bag is simply for jewelery. I like carrying pieces in an almost oversized bag for my needs because I feel like it keeps them from tangling as easily, and I don’t have to worry about not being able to fit my little earring case in there (told ya about the compartmentaliz-ing).



I have two Origami Owl bracelets, a necklace from Pac Sun, a Juicy Couture charm bracelet, two other charm bracelets, a tortoise chain bracelet from J. Crew, and two pairs of earrings from Forever 21 and Wet Seal.



This next bag is for hair and bath products. I don’t want to worry about things exploding/leaking around my electronics and clothes, and this bag is a great size for all that. I also have my tools all next to the bag when I pack them so they’re easier to find, so that’s why they’re shown here. This set up is nice, also because you’re not having to dig for bottles and are able to just pull them out all at once.



Here I have my It’s a 10 shine spray, my Kenrase heat treatment spray, St Ives facial scrub and body wash (aren’t the travel sizes so cute?!) then there’s my hot tools 1.25″ curling iron and my babyliss straightener. If you’re wondering where my hair brush is, I almost forgot it and had to stick it in my bag last-minute. Ha…it’s always something!

Here’s a makeup bag that’s actually being used for make-up (…and more grooming items)! Shocking, right?! I like using a transparent bag to make it easier to find items that I need to touch up on.

IMG_5603 IMG_5604 IMG_5605 IMG_5606


I totally didn’t even realize until I am sitting here typing this that I didn’t take a picture of everything packed in the bag! :/ It’s a really simple looking clear Victoria’s Secret makeup bag with the classic two toned pink stripes along the bottom and by the zipper. If you really want to see a picture, leave a comment below and I’ll tweet one (you can follow me on Twitter using the link in the sidebar).

Here’s what’s in this bag:

For bathroom products starting clockwise- I have my retinol under eye cream, Philosophy Hope in a Jar, Bausch and Lomb saline solution, Clinique take the day away make-up remover, Band-Aids, toothbrush case (still needed to use my tooth-brush), mini Colgate toothpaste, mini Reach floss, and finally my Elf make-up removing cleansing wipes.

For make-up products from top to bottom- Say Yes to Cucumbers facial moisturizer, cotton pads, Benefit brand dandelion blush, hoola bronzer, Erase Paste, They’re Real! mascara, and dandelion lip gloss, Clinique lipstick in bamboo pink, Loreal Color whisper lip color ( I can’t recall the color ), CoverGirl concealer (the color name has worn off since I’ve had it FOREVER), my super-dirty Benefit hello flawless foundation, C.O Bigelow lip gloss, Elf Eyebrow gel, Smashbox make-up primer, Urban Decay naked 3 palette, and various make-up brushes from Elf,Bare Minerals,and Benefit.

Now I know it seems a little overboard as far as jewelry/make-up, but I like options, ok?

…And here’s the big (and actually slightly furry) mama- the duffel with all the clothes/shoes/accessories laid out:




As you can see from the above picture, I have all my pants stacked; they are the heaviest so they start on the very bottom. It really shows you how small this bag really is, I think the empty bag in the picture with everything laid out is very deceiving. Then on the upper right corner, I have my scarves laying on top of my undergarments, then to the left of that is where I stacked my shirts, on top of which is my bathing suit. On the bottom left corner you can see where I have my hair tools tucked in (see the cord?), and on top I have my makeup bags (although I hadn’t placed my clear make-up bag as I still needed items in there that night), then on top of that I have more accessories/belts. This is a very rough description, it’s a little difficult to really explain how everything is stored without more detailed visual aids…I think if I ever decide to do another of these types of posts, I’ll document how items are placed in the bag by group as I place them in there.



I actually ended up taking the lace Tom’s out later and just wearing those over to my destination, but yes, you do see FOUR pairs of shoes. I love shoes.

Also, I wanted to mention lastly that I ended up packing my phone charger and my eyeglasses in my purse as I wanted to keep those separate with everything else because I wanted a lesser chance of them accidentally getting damaged.

Alrighty,guys…I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think or if you have any tips/trips you like to use for a weekend getaway…see you all again soon! 🙂



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