One Whole Week of 2014

…Has already passed! Can you believe it?

2013 was definitely one of the craziest, most life changing years in my entire life. With the birth of my son I feel came a birth of something new inside of me: my motherly side. Not saying that I never had a motherly or a nurturing side to begin with (hello, I’m married–haha), but this was kind of like a realization of that side and it being more solidified into my personality.


My husband and I celebrated four years of marriage

I turned the big 2-5

We now have three years of owning our own home under our belts

I started  my business…

…I’m just bedazzled as to how I can have any more large events happen in my life!

Now with 2014:

I’m going to be throwing a FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY. Whoa, man. He’s growing up way too fast for my liking. I’ve already kind of started thinking about what theme I want to do for his birthday…check out my pinterest if you want to see what ideas I’ve been thinking of!

I might be taking Jacob on his first trip out of the country! I don’t want to go into too many details yet as it’s not a for sure if the trip is actually happening, but I’ve already gotten his certified copy of his birth certificate to get the passport process going. I’ll make sure to let you guys know how I fare with getting that going along. I can’t wait to share with you a couple of tips I’ve already gotten as to how to get baby’s passport photo!

This will be the first summer that my in-laws will have their cabin up and walled up, there’s still some basic odds and ends that need to be done, but it’ll be really nice to spend weekends up there.

We’re wanting to get first-year portraits done as well as family pictures, since our pictures in October turned out so well! I promised I’d share with you the final result, and here are a couple of my favorites:








I mean, his adorableness is just unreal. I used Muir Adams Photography, who’s located up in my area (Humboldt County) if you’d like to check out more of his work–he did my wedding and engagement photos also!



I’ll leave you guys with some photos from Christmas:
IMG_2537 IMG_2545 IMG_2557 IMG_2560 IMG_2583 IMG_2593 IMG_2605
As you can tell, he had a wonderful time opening presents! It helps that crinkling paper’s about his favorite sound in the universe. 😉 I hope your holidays were great as well and that 2014 is treating you well so far!

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