Fall Haul

Hey everyone,

I had some errand-less time that happened to be during the same time my mother wasn’t scheduled with any clients (she’s a cosmetologist) so we went to Target (can’t go to Eureka without a stop there) plus to the mall to take her on her virgin tour of TJ Maxx and hit a couple other stores. Here’s what I ended up picking up:

First off from Target:

Epsom Salts

I had seen these at the end of an aisle in the beauty section and decided to pick them up. It was just over $4 for this big ol’ bag, so I figured why not? My husband had actually just last week said that he wanted to try soaking his feet in an epsom salt bath since he had recently had both his ingrown toenails on his big toes removed (ouch!) and with this particular type claiming to help relieve sore muscles and promote relaxation, maybe I can convince him to do a full body bath after a long work day.

EOS Lip Balm in the Flavor Lemon Drop


I actually have a few of these and I love them so I couldn’t resist picking up a new flavor when I was grabbing some medicine (yay for end-of-summer colds). My only real complaint is that they melt very easily, then half of it is stuck in the lid part! …kinda feels like that would defeat the purpose of the egg shape, so no more emergency EOS in my car to say the least.

Bumbo Chair


I FINALLY grabbed one of these, and I love it! Jacob isn’t quite at a sitting position yet, so it’s fun being able to put him in the chair and watch him play with his little chew keys, or I’ll put the arch of his play gym near him so he can grab at those toys from a new angle. I’ve only had it for a couple of days, but he seems to love it too.

Now on to the mall finds:

Starting from TJ Maxx

Ralph Lauren Infant Shoes



I couldn't wait to have him try them on as soon as I got him home!

I couldn’t wait to have baby try them on as soon as I got him home!

How a-flippin-dorable are these shoes?! My family and I have a holiday photo shoot coming up in a couple of weeks so that was my main inspiration in picking these up. I just hope they still fit him by then…he has little skis on the end of his adorable baby legs. 😉

Silver Antler Candle Holder


I love the home decor section at this store. It’s probably my favorite part as there’s so much there that is a lot more affordable than at other retailers I like to shop at. This resides up at the top of my wood stove mantle in my living room where I already have a bit of a rustic theme going on. It’s the perfect size for my favorite 3 wick candles from bath and body works.

Kate Spade iPhone Case


So even though this case doesn’t resemble fall at all, my previous case (pink mossy oak camo) was a lot of fall. I have had that thing on my phone for MONTHS, and especially after seeing this case, I knew it was time for a change. I also like that it’s silicone where my previous case was a hard plastic that needed to be snapped on since I have acrylic nails that don’t let me take off phone cases so easily. I do also have to admit that I’ve always thought Kate Spade items were cute, but have never owned anything from her design, so it’s a little cool to finally have something even if it is just a phone case.

Speaking of Bath and Body Works Candles…


They were having the 2 for $22 sale at my local store, and I can never resist picking up a couple of candles to kind of celebrate the up-and-coming season! These flavors are Sweater Weather and Applewood Forest. Even though both the scents are amazing, out of the two I think Sweater Weather is my favorite, I mean come on what a cute name (it’s the candle on top of the antler holder in the pic)!

Moving On to Bed Bath and Beyond:


Here’s my stay-at-home-mom nerd out of the moment: I finally got my big canner pot! I haven’t really talked about it too much on here, but I am really wanting to get into canning since I already enjoy most everything about cooking. Also, how fun would it be to give out canned goods with gifts, like home-made apple sauce or apple pie filling? Yeah I understand that maybe my 21 year-old brother might not appreciate THAT kind of gift too much, but you get the idea. I already do have a pressure cooker, by the way, but that dang thing freaks me out WAY too much. I figured this was a great non exploding alternative.

Now finally on to Victoria’s Secret:

How come all over the blog-o-sphere I don’t hear more about the amazing swimsuit sale this store has after summer? The tops were $12.99 and bottoms were $9.99. Unfortunately by the time we actually made it into the store, there weren’t any bottoms that were in my size in styles I liked, but I did get two really cute tops as well as some cute sporty-styled shorts that are a cover up!


That’s all for now! What are some fall items you can’t wait to get your hands on? 🙂


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