The Plum Butter Escapade

Hey guys,

So as you all may be aware,we are right at the end of plum season, and I’m blessed to have access to my grandfather’s tree and all the plums I could want…and believe me plums I have! To get my toes wet on actually cooking with plums, I decided to make plum butter (here’s the recipe I used). I’ve also linked a better definition but to put it simply it’s like immature jam; meaning it doesn’t stay preserved for as long because you don’t jar it but it’s spreadable and has the same purpose as jam. It actually tastes pretty similar as well.

The reason why I call this an escapade is because of all the dang problems I came across while trying to cook it! Not only did I have to pit 4 lbs of plums by hand, but I actually didn’t have all the ingredients like I thought I did. It was just one rookie home cook mistake after another.

IMG_3533 IMG_3535 IMG_3536

I only had about 1.5 cups of honey even though I had just bought a whole new container. So I substituted the rest with a bit of sugar and some more water.


I also didn’t have orange or lemon zest, but according to this article, I could substitute with lemon juice. Cool, I thought, I always have lemon juice! WRONG. I didn’t. Just lime. So I had to use that.

I didn’t want to really do the whole slow-cooker-to-pot thing, so I did as the recipe suggests and just added all the ingredients with extra water. As you can tell by one of the pictures, yes, the pot did bubble over. Yikes! Luckily I was just in the next room and caught it early.

So after all the random substituting and 4.5 hours later, I had plum butter! One thing I didn’t really like about this recipe is that it didn’t really explain that you should break down the plums (usually by puree) but I just used a whisk and that worked just fine.

I don’t have a picture of the final result, but it essentially just looks like chunky jam. Nothing special visual-wise. Taste wise I’m kind of glad I ended up not having enough honey because I felt like even being a half-cup short it was way overbearing. I would make this again for sure, though. It’s really simple and is a nice way to use a bunch of plums without necessarily having to go through the whole canning process.



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