Seared Ahi Tuna: Novice Foodie Style

Hey all,

So I was, as most other normal people usually do, trying to think of something to cook for dinner when it hit me: I have some awesome ahi tuna steaks sitting in my freezer! So I thought I’d give the whole searing thing a try, and lo and behold, it’s super easy and really delicious! I kind of derived for the most part from this recipe, but as the pictures below show, I didn’t necessarily have all of the ingredients. I also didn’t have the time to let the tuna sit in the marinade for a whole hour in the fridge, but I believe you could still taste the flavoring from it.

Here’s how I changed the marinade to fit what I had in my pantry/fridge:

IMG_3469 IMG_3470

Here are some pictures of the process:

IMG_3476 IMG_3481 IMG_3483

I followed the original recipe’s guidelines as far as cooking the tuna and it worked out really well. I served it with some sushi rice, and it was delicious! This will definitely be a repeater in my kitchen.


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