What I Got For $20 at Another Farmer’s Market

Hey all,

Before I dive into what was actually purchased, I just wanted to take a little time to discuss my experience. It wasn’t nearly as nice of weather that day, so I thought maybe there wouldn’t be as many people. This prompted me to take the stroller, and my back was singing hallelujah! Unfortunately after having to park 3.5 blocks away and being initially happy with my stroller decision, when I actually got down to the market, I noticed that about double the people that were at the market the last time were there. Now would I bring the stroller again now that I’ve done it both ways? I don’t know, because either way it was nice having my hands more free, a cup holder, and an ache-free back, at the same time, it was a royal pain in the tush pushing that stroller around and having to wait for people to move out of my way. I doubt that baby noticed either way considering he was sleeping the entire time. There were also a couple of booths I couldn’t even really check out, as they were horse shoe shaped out into the street more, and their little aisles were WAY too small for a stroller. Other than the stroller debacle, though, it was still a fun experience! There is no place like Arcata for a great eclectic atmosphere, and I did get a few very nice items.

IMG_3504 IMG_3505 IMG_3506 IMG_3508 IMG_3510 IMG_3512

So as you can tell, I got a lot less stuff this time, but I think it was more about quality over quantity. That’s pesto tomato cheese focaccia bread in that bag, by the way. And nuked for about 25 seconds equals pure bliss. The cherry tomatoes are amazing with fresh mozzarella, the cauliflower was awesome steamed with some chicken-fried venison, and I love snap peas just as a snack by themselves. I have put some of the lavender into that satchel, but I’m thinking about making some plum jam infused with it (and yes I talked to the vendor and she said it was perfectly fine to even put it in tea so I’m in the clear). Who can resist that beautiful dahlia, by the way? Yes it was on it’s last legs in this picture and didn’t even last two days, but there’s another bloom that wasn’t opened yet (unfortunately I didn’t get a great picture of it) that’s still going strong on my kitchen table right now. I feel like it’s a phoenix moment, the adult dies and leaves in it’s place a little baby bloom. It’s beautiful! One thing that is missing from this picture as well, is an amazing sweet iced chai tea I got from Planet Chai. I’m definitely going to snag another the next time we head IMG_3501



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