July Date Night(s) In Review: Cafe Waterfront and Masaki’s Mongolian Grill

Hey all,

So I mentioned in this post that I was going to review for you all the titled restaurants that I visited in July for my anniversary. My husband and I are going to try to go on a date night at least once a month, and I’m going to try to stress the need to try new places. Especially considering the more rural area we live in, if we didn’t I think we’d go crazy.

We’ll start in chronological order with Cafe Waterfront:

As far as the ambiance is concerned, it really nails it on the head if you’re looking for a smaller atmosphere that’s more on the higher-end side. Although it’s one of those places where although the decor/settings deem more of a dressy attire, the location I think brings in more of the eclectic crowd. Even while we were there (dressed up more than usual) we saw people coming off of the nearby boardwalk in flip-flops and tank tops as well as slacks and nice shirts.

Now, for what we ate!


We ordered the fried calamari appetizer…we are huge fans of seafood. This plate actually was pretty good! I like the larger strips of calamari since I don’t see a lot of restaurants doing that. I had the scallops, and my husband had a mixed Cajun fried plate that was on a special. My husband seemed to really enjoy his dinner, it was a nice mix of different seafoods with a nice seasoning . I, on the other hand, was not as impressed with my dinner unfortunately. I felt my scallops were undercooked and flavorless. I had to literally scoop the sauce/bacon (which was actually very tasty by itself) on to the scallop to really make it worth eating.

We did end the meal with a nice vanilla creme brulee. It might make me sound a little odd, but aside from the good flavor I really enjoyed the fact that the caramelized top layer didn’t stick to my teeth when I ate it!


Ok so now we’ll go into our other date night destination: Masaki’s Mongolian Grill.

I’m going to keep this part pretty short and sweet as I feel like I need to go back again and really experience the place again to get a good sense of it. Listen to the waiter when they ask you if they can explain how to get your plate all set up! I didn’t know you needed a lot of broth to really cook your noodles, so my rice noodles ended up being really undercooked and my veggies were super crunchy. The beef in my dish was really delicious, though! My husband got the all you can eat option and his bowls were super tasty and really great. He got the ramen-like noodles and a lot less vegetables with a lot more sauce. I couldn’t help but eat a little of his since I had such a bad time with my one serving option…shhhhh! I really enjoyed everything  about the ambiance and the food options except for one thing: we got the calamari here as an appetizer and it was so unbelievably salty it was practically inedible. I was really disappointed.

IMG_3367 IMG_3371 IMG_3373

Alright guys, until next time! Have a great day.


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