Summertme Simplicity

Hey everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend…we sure did! We went up to my in-laws’ cabin at Ruth lake.

We left Friday night after some issues with hooking the boat up to my SUV (it’s always something, isn’t it?) and got there pretty late. Unfortunately,even though it wasn’t too far past baby’s bedtime and he had slept pretty much the entire 3 hour ride up there, he cried almost all through the night. I’m summing it up to the fact that it was just unfamiliar territory. It absolutely broke my heart at one point when I had laid him in the pack and play my MIL had brought up for him. He cried so hard that when I couldn’t take it any more and picked him up, he gripped my shirt so tight it almost brought me to tears.

Saturday was A LOT better of a day. After a few hours of baby doing a little co-sleeping (of which I’m not a huge fan of, but hey you do what you gotta do), we had a relaxing morning of hanging out by the cabin. Then in the afternoon was the fun part because my little baby tried the pool for the first time! Now no need for judging here, but I bought a pool floatie that’s recommended for nine to 24 month olds. It has the mesh netting that they stick their legs through and they eventually lay on their stomach on the inflated part and it also comes with a nice canopy. What we did with it was support his head while he floated around. At first he HATED it. As in was brutally wailing his little infant lungs off, which was heartbreaking. So my MIL decided to hold on to him in the shade and we tried a little later. This time, he loved it! It was awesome watching his little feet kick around. We also let him lean his head back on the floatie as he’s tall enough to keep his head above the water in it…then he just propelled himself around. Here are some pictures of his adventure:

IMG_1749 IMG_1756 IMG_1778 IMG_1780 IMG_1783 IMG_1796 IMG_1806 IMG_1813

On Sunday, we did try the pool again unfortunately with no success. I blame that on the fact that we were trying during his nap time. He did sleep better the night before, though, since I think he was a little more acclimated to his surroundings. Watching him do all these new things makes me so excited to see how future trips are going to be with him! I can’t wait to take him up to the lake more and watch all the things he gets excited for.


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