Pinterest Dinner Mega Fail

Hey guys,

So I’ve been trying more and more to use recipes and cook meals completely from scratch (or more so anyhow) to not only eat better but to save a little money while I’m at home. I’ve been looking at this recipe for a while on my board and decided to a shot last night:

So it started off innocently enough, I had all the ingredients, except for instead of chicken breasts I had thigh fillets.


BUT I got lazy, I’ll straight up admit it. I didn’t wanna shred chicken! Yeah yeah it’s a small amount. I’m a bum, I guess.

So I prepped the sheet like usual and laid out the crescent rolls.


Then the laziness sets in. Instead of prepping the chicken and mixing things like I should have, I just plopped everything into the rolls one ingredient at a time.


Here’s the real fail part: I FORGOT THE RANCH. Super bummed! I ended up just trying to sprinkle it into the open sides of the rolls since I didn’t even realize I forgot the seasoning until I had rolled up every single one of them. Another secondary fail is that I should have cut the chicken into smaller strips instead of thicker cubes.

They turned out tasting pretty good to be honest, but they just really didn’t have enough chicken in them and you could definitely tell there was no ranch seasoning.

IMG_3347 IMG_3349

Moral of this story, kids, is: follow directions!


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