Dinner Love

Hey y’all,

So last night I cooked a meal that I originally had thrown together after having a really bad craving for a restaurant that I used to frequent when I lived in Portugal called Pita Shoarma. Oh to the em gee that place was amazing. As you could probably gather it was a greek restaurant that mainly served different variations of pitas,which is what I usually got when I would go there, and what this recipe basically is.

Chicken Caesar Pitas with Alexis Sweet Potato Fries

So when I say thrown together, I really mean it. I in no way consider myself to be the next Top Chef, so I try not to get too crazy with my ideas. Here’s what you do:

1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees and spray a foil lined cookie sheet with nonstick.


2. Season your boneless skinless chicken breasts with poultry seasoning and onion powder on both sides.


3. Pop in the oven for 25 minutes.


4. Right after the chicken goes in, take out your fries from the freezer and put those on another nonstick cookie sheet.


5. Pop those in right under the chicken breasts.


6. When the chicken’s done, set it out to cool, while giving the fries another 5-7 minutes extra to get a little crispy.

7. After the fries are done, take your pita, and pretty much just assemble a chicken caesar salad inside, fold the pita in half, and grab some fries. Then you’re ready to eat!

IMG_1714 IMG_1717

The pitas I show above are my favorite,but they’re definitely not the easiest to eat. Looks don’t really matter in my house at the dinner table, and these make a fork and knife a must. I know that they make pita pockets from the same brand, but from past experience the bread just isn’t as thick and that’s less desirable for me in this meal.

Another fun note: I actually didn’t realize I bought the waffle fries when I picked these up at the store the other day…they’re just as good,but they seem to be a little spicy which is funny. 🙂 I hope you enjoy!



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