Love/Hate-1st Edition

  Hey everyone,

So whenever I go through some products, I thought I’d give you guys a little of my opinion as to whether or not I loved or hated them…I’m talking anything from food to baby needs. This won’t probably be a weekly or even a monthly thing. I’m an average person on an average budget and don’t have the kind of dough to try a new makeup foundation every week, but if I like something or really don’t, I’m going to tell y’all!

As this is my first post of this “series,” there’s probably going to be a lot more items than usual. A couple of food items, some beauty, and a couple of baby items. We’ll first start with food:

1. Starbucks Discoveries Vanilla Latte


When my in-laws came over for dinner last week, my mother in law noticed this new product at the store and got it for me to try (as I am a self-proclaimed starbucks-aholic). Here are my pros and cons:


– It tastes awesome! Pretty much identical to actually buying the drink from the coffee-house.

– It’s way less expensive than buying a week’s worth-it’s on special at Safeway now for $4.99 since it’s a new product.

– There are only five ingredients, the first being reduced fat milk. Which, if you didn’t know,a list of ingredients goes by what is in the product the most.


– The reason I compared the pricing to a week’s worth is because that’s how long the carton is good for once you opened it…doesn’t seem like that long of a time!

– It’s a pretty small carton. Even though you’re only supposed to have 8 ounces in a regular serving, who really does that? I feel like it should be at least the size of a regular milk carton or something. It’s probably about half that size.

In the end, this is a love. Although you can only consume it for 7 days after opening, I feel good about the fact that there are so few ingredients.

2. Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Creamy Beef Stroganoff

While at winco a little while back, I saw this product and decided to pick one up to try out for a quick/lazy day meal idea. Here are my pros and cons:


– It’s really quick. The longest part of the entire process is browning the meat, which is really nice for those quick/lazy day meals.

– It actually tastes pretty good! The cheese is actually a creamy cheese packet instead of random cheese powder, and it’s not overly seasoned like I feel hamburger helper can be.


– As to be expected it’s really not that great for you. It’s loaded with all those bad things people tell you not to eat like preservatives and fat…blah blah blah.

– Even though it does taste good, it doesn’t taste good enough for me to really crave it.

…So after really thinking about it, it’s a hate. Even though it does taste better than other quick meals, it doesn’t have a good enough flavor to mask the fact that it’s just not healthful.If it tasted absolutely awesome I would be able to stomach that a lot better.

Now on to beauty products…

1. Olay Fresh Effects Swipe out Makeup Removal Towelettes


I like to use makeup removal or cleansing wipes before I go to bed–especially if I’ve worn makeup that day–instead of washing my face before bed. This is because usually after I put the baby to bed I just like to get to bed myself and am way too tired (and I have to admit a little lazy) to completely wash my face. Here are my pros and cons:


– Nicely scented.


– Not that moist.

– Doesn’t cleanse that well.

– They only close with a sticker instead of a plastic snap closure like I usually like.

– There aren’t really that many wipes in the package.

So if you couldn’t tell, these are a hate. I originally bought them not only because I needed more wipes, but I wanted to try the new fresh effects line. So I was doubly disappointed; I really hope the other products in this line are better.

2. Victoria’s Secret Limited Edition Italian Iris Body Lotion


One of the many items in my Semi-Annual Sale collective, I bought this because of three things: it smelled good to me in the store, hellooooo 75% off, and I didn’t want to miss out on getting it since it was a limited edition product. So here are my pros and cons:


– The consistency is nice, not too watery or greasy.

– The packaging is extremely nice.


– When I brought it home, I didn’t like the smell as much as I did in the store…it’s a lot more musky than I originally thought.

– It’s not really all that moisturizing…which is a big bummer as I have extremely dry skin.

So if I really had to choose, this would be a hate. But it’s not so much so that I’m not going to throw it away (I’m extremely against throwing products away just because I don’t like them). It’s definitely not at the bottom of my list.

3.REN ClearCalm 3 Anti-Acne Treatment Mask


One major side effect that I experienced from my pregnancy is my exacerbated cystic acne. I’ve always had pretty bad acne, including cystic, but during and now after my pregnancy I’ve had nodules that have been larger than anything I ever had before I was pregnant. I currently have one actually on my face that has been around since right after I gave birth. That’s the main reason I decided to bite the bullet and spend the $45 on this mask. Nothing that worked before my pregnancy, including uv light therapy from my esthetician,was working and I wanted something more on the natural side. So after consulting with a consultant at Sephora, she recommended this product. Here are my pros and cons:


– It’s working! Although the dreaded spot is still hanging around, it is significantly smaller and a lot less painful. The consultant recommended using the product every night as a night mask and that’s what I was doing a lot at the beginning.I did slow down on doing that as I didn’t want to be holding my baby and burping during night feedings with gunk all over my face for fear of getting it on him.

– It smells like a spa. I seriously wish that I could find a room spray that smells like this stuff and put it in my master bathroom it’s that good.


– The bottle is TINY. I’m pretty frugal when it comes to spending money on beauty products as it is, and for how expensive this stuff is, the bottle is pretty small. Luckily you really don’t have to use a lot of it if you’re using it on just spots instead of all over the face like I am.

Overall, this product is a definite love. I can’t wait to save up a little more cash money to try more products.

Last but not least, here are my baby loves:

1. Johnsons Baby Bedtime Bath,Lotion,and Shampoo

*Cue angels singing* –I’m not even going to do a pro’s and con’s list. This stuff is AMAZING. Not only does it smell awesome, but I am truly convinced it helps to calm and soothe my lil’ man before bed which in turn I think helps him get more sleep…which means more sleep for this mama.*Sigh.*

2. This is pretty much just an overall concept: swaddling.

Yet again–no cons list. Any reading that I have ever done for infant swaddling has always been positive. They even taught me how at the hospital! It’s also one of the five “S’s” in the movie “The Happiest Baby On the Block” which I highly recommend all expecting mothers watch. I think it’s possible to do a good swaddle with a standard blanket, but swaddling blankets mae it a lot easier.

Case in point: he fell asleep AS I was swaddling. Miracle.IMG_3073


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