The 4th Is on Thirsty Thursday?! Oh man…

Hey all,

I am so happy that the 4th is more towards the weekend side this year unlike last year…even though we unfortunately can’t take advantage of the long weekend due to my husband’s work schedule. I was thinking about possibly going to Ruth Lake with my in-laws on Thursday, but they are going to be driving their model “A” roadster in the 4th of July parade again this year in Ferndale. Lucky bums! I might check that out if the weather is really nice. Part of me is glad in a way that we won’t be in Trinity County for the holiday with their whole no fireworks law. It also gives us the opportunity to have some people over later that night for a little barbecue and some fun 4th of July themed drinks.

Here are a couple of ideas that I would like to try…and as I am bf-ing,I’m including drinks that I think would taste good with or without alcohol:


Watermelon Soda Float

This recipe is non-alcoholic to start with, but I’m sure with an added kick of some sparkling wine or champagne it’d taste just as nice.


Blueberry Lime Cocktail

This recipe already gives you both alcoholic and non-alcoholic variations (and I love the blog’s name).




Frozen Blue Hawaiian

This recipe not only has both alcoholic and non-alcoholic variations, but there’s also a few other delicious sounding beverage options on the same link.

So what is on your to-do list for the holiday? Hopefully it involves some nice weather and great food…if you’re into that sort of holiday. 😉




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