Happy Weekend!

Hey all,

So I really feel as though this is the first true weekend of summer…aside from the whole summer solstice hubub. We’ve had really good weather here in Humboldt even though it’s been mega muggy. So this got me thinking about the daunting idea of traveling to my in-laws’ cabin with a 2 month old! Eek! Just thinking about all the stuff I’d have to pack is stressful enough. Luckily I’m bf’ing so at least I won’t have to worry about leaving his lunch at home. 😉

Speaking of cabins, I was hanging around pinterest –like I do– and discovered the CUTEST cabin decor site! It’s called Primitives by Kathy (unfortunately I’ve been unable to add a hyperlink, but if you google the site she’s one of the first to come up) and I literally could buy everything there; you’ll really have to check her stuff out if you’re into that kind of style like I am. 🙂 I feel like you could place those kinds of items in a house in town just as easily to give you a little reminder to get away more often.

Speaking of getting away, I’m going to get off of these interwebs and spend the rest of the weekend with my fambam! Have a great weekend!


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