Please Don’t Ever End, Summer!

Hey guys,

So I have no problem in saying that summer is truly my favorite season. I love being able to go out in the sun and in the water,doing fun summer-y things like barbecues and river days…I’m truly going to miss this summer! This summer feels especially short since I spent the majority of it working on my house, but that’s ok because I don’t have to worry about doing those big chores for hopefully a VERY long time. So although there are some awesome things you can’t get with summer-like scarves and hot cocoa-here are a couple of photos of some summer staples I’m really going to try to get instilled into my last two weeks before college starts again for the fall:


GOING TO THE LAKE! Yes, that’s intentionally all in caps as this is my absolute favorite thing to do during summer.


Making ice cream. Coffee can ice cream is the best thing ever!


The fair! …Hello fried oreos, fun rides, and over priced games! 😉

Berry and fruit picking! I’m hoping to get out and pick some great blackberries and plums this upcoming weekend. That’s one nice thing about Humboldt, if the rain doesn’t come too quickly, we can pick fruit late in the summer.


Summer hair/fashion…I love how simple and colorful summer style is. I feel like it really represents my personality the best. You can have just one intricate point in your style for the day and everything else just can kind of fall into place.

[all images from pinterest]

Have a great rest of the day,



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