Muffin Monday!

Hey guys,

Yes, I said it, it’s muffin Monday! My co-worker came up with this super-brilliant idea a couple of weeks back to actually have a couple of us each bring in a dish of muffins so we can all share and try different flavors! Cute, right? It’s kind of funny, though, because I ended up forgetting about it until about 7:30 last night so I quickly found a recipe (here it is) and added a little over a quarter cup of cocoa powder to get some super quick and easy chocolate muffins! Here are some pics:


They turned out really good! 🙂 Very exciting considering how totally last-minute it all was. I will say as far as the recipe is concerned, it only puts out about a dozen average sized muffins, so be aware! I wish I had taken a pic of some of the other plates that were brought in! One co-worker made these extremely awesome espresso muffins that I swear I got jitters from!
What’s your favorite muffin recipe? Let me know!



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