Hey, I Want To Talk About the Olympics, Too!

Hey guys,

So I haven’t really been able to watch full-on olympic events unfortunately (hello, US men’s swim team), but you pretty much live under a rock if you haven’t been able to keep up with what’s going on with the events. Also, I’ve signed up with news updates via text through CNN so I don’t miss a thing. And although I am excited to see the US have a chance at gaining the top spot for overall gold medals, I can’t help but notice all the other olympics-related stories/images that are catching my eye. Here are my favorites:

1. Olympic Themed nail art. Need I say more? Look at how cute these are!

pic from here

[pic from here]

[pic from here]

[pic from here]

2. The water polo nip slip. LOL!

[image from here]

3. This INSANE vault done by one of the Fab Five.

4.The funniest Olympic faces.

🙂 Have a wonderful weekend,



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