Weekly Wrap Up

Hey guys,

So as usual, the weather around here has been pretty unpleasant. I can’t say bad, but not great,either as we have been seeing our typical overcast and slightly chilly days. Lately my days have been consisting of a lot of doing nothing considering that during the weekends my husband and I are painting our house. It’s a lot harder-and more physical-than it looks! But more on that later…for now, here’s my life via iPhone photos:









Oh, did I mention I finally went to a Humboldt Crabs game? I have been dying to go to one for a couple of years now, and my friend graciously invited myself and my husband. It was everything baseball should be, fun music, a great game, and stands of dedicated fans. I hope I get the chance to head to another soon before the season ends. I also snuck in a pic of my upcoming painting fiasco story, oh what fun it is painting trim next to a gigantic bush! 😉

Have a great weekend everyone,


PS If you guys are interested in any more pictures, follow me on Instagram! My username is andrearie16.


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