THANKS, 4th of July, for Being on a Wednesday…

Hey everyone,

Ok, so I know it’s not the holiday’s fault necessarily for being on a Wednesday, but jeez the more I think about it the more it just cramps my style! Not that I can complain too much because I at least get the day off (unlike my hubby, *sad face*) but I can’t really think of a lot of positives besides the whole no work thing.

So I decided that since I can’t really think of any positives offhand, I created a list of things to do that would make the day worth anticipating. Ready?

1.Cooking date

-What’s that, you ask? I define it as inviting a bunch of your girlfriends over and cooking something super fun and,say, a lasagna (not with home-made noodles or something with super time-consuming prep or overbearing in detail) or even just like a chicken caesar salad with a fun home-made desert. The main point of this date is to get on to the fun date part of the day; which in my mind consists of watching crap tv or sappy girl movies and a whole load of gossip/unnecessary picture-taking.


-If you don’t mind large crowds or long lines and LOVE good deals, here’s a perfect way to do some damage to your wallet. I always found it a little weird the fact that the 4th had such good savings. Not like it doesn’t make sense or anything considering that we’re talking about our country’s independence and all, but usually people concentrate on things like BBQ’s or hitting up a fireworks stand.

3.Lunch/dinner/dessert then a fireworks show

-Luckily Humboldt is a super interesting area during the 4th, so what I really want to do in particular is this: hit up a spot with a sweet view like Bon Boniere’s, Mazzotti’s, or the Plaza grill in Arcata, get some deliciousness in my belly, then watch the craziness ensue. Or even if craziness doesn’t ensue, I think BBQing is A LOT of work, and since my hubs isn’t even going to be home I don’t really want to go down the whole having everyone and their brother over for one of my husband’s favorite types of foods and him not even being there! I’d be super sad if I were him. I’ll make sure to safe him some leftovers, though, no matter what I do. 😉

Have a safe holiday peeps,



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