Weekly Wrap Up

Hey everyone,

So considering that I do live behind the redwood curtain, it can’t come as too much of a surprise that my week hasn’t been too jam packed with amazingness except for the fact that it was sunny,warm, and not windy all in one day–that’s a pretty pivotal experience.I also went to lunch with my mom at the new Aztec Grill located inside the new Chevron across the street from my workplace and I was actually pleasantly surprised with what I saw! It was quite spacious without being ridiculously large, and considering the customer volume with the burger bar being there also, it was quite impressive that we didn’t really have to wait too long for our food. Gosh, I feel like such an oakie for being excited about a mexican joint in a gas station but I’ll take what I can get. Haha!

These past couple of weekends have been pretty fun filled with events such as Oysterfest and the like, and this weekend’s no exception. It’s one of my best friends’ birthdays and my husband and I are heading out to her house in Carlotta for the night tomorrow and I’m way too excited. Her boyfriend (who happens to be one of my husbands’ really good friends) has been going through lineman training down south and he’ll be home for the weekend AND I found out not too long ago that one of her sisters is pregnant and she’s attending, so it’ll be really fun seeing everyone. I’m also planning on a little shopping expedition with my ma and I plan on helping her get a couple of items to help decorate her new little hair salon, so that’ll be fun. Hopefully this next week I’ll be able to do a post about the expedition!

Speaking of the last couple of weekends, here are some photos kind of summarizing how my life’s been as of late (all via my iphone):








-Antique bottles out of my MIL’s collection

-My purdy friend kate helping me make some Indian sweet bread

-My bunny Tulip rebelling on the kitchen counter

-The most adorable home made chocolate cupcake ever seen

-My awesome braided topknot

-Mom did some awesome 4th of July nails

-My decor on the work whiteboard.


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