How Was Sacramento…

Hey guys!

So I went to Sacramento! I loved it. My mother-in-law and I ended up doing a lot of cool things together, and I wish we could have done more. So what are some of the items I got to cross of my list? We did tackle a couple, and we actually did an activity that I didn’t even think of (which I’m super ashamed for to be honest).

Here are some of the main highlights:

-Vacaville Outlets

I sincerely think this place is a mecca for people for anyone with a slightly more limited budget but who enjoys the finer things in life. Don’t get me wrong, they have a Gucci outlet, so it’s not like we’re talking dollar store pricing. They do though have some really good deals at stores like their Cosmetics Company Outlet. I unfortunately didn’t even get two hours there so I definitely am going to make an effort the next time I’m down there to spend a day out at this location.

-The State Capitol

So this is the place that, if you had read my blog last week, didn’t end up on my list. I am purely ashamed of this! My MIL like I had said previously is a humongo history buff, and since we had some time to kill before the mall opened, she decided to take me on my maiden tour. It’s spectacular! The sheer architectural detail is really something to take time to absorb. To me this is as much an art gallery as a museum and it’s fascinating. Here are a couple pictures I took:

-The Melting Pot Restaraunt

This was both mine and my MIL’s first time coming to this restaurant…and oh my goodness. It was seriously one of those pleasant dining experiences I have ever had. All my MIL kept saying was: “they never rush us…” and it was true! We were there for about 2.5 hours and you would have never thought so considering all the fun we were having. That’s the thing, not only is this place great eating, but like our waiter said, it was a really great experience.

-The Westfield Mall at Roseville

*Sigh.* I will attest to this until I am blue in the face: this is easily the best mall in Northern California (well at least out of all the ones I’ve been to). It literally has all of my loves in one place: H&M, Forever 21, Macy*s, Gilly Hicks, Crate and Barrel…the list goes on. I wish it had an Anthropologie then I would never need to shop anywhere ever again! I especially loved going there during this time of the year because all of my favorites were having their summer sales or redline sales, where items already redlined were an additional 30% off. Let’s just say my money went a long way.

Alright, guys, before I go I have to mention one thing happening THIS weekend that I am way excited about: Arcata Mainstreet’s Oyster Festival! This is easily one of my favorite things to do in Humboldt County aside from the Humboldt County Fair and Fortuna Rodeo. If you don’t have a clue what this event is, the name essentialy speaks for itself. It’s a bunch of different vendors from humboldt selling differently prepared oysters. If there’s a way to cook an oyster, it’s there. They also give out awards for best in show and other awards of that nature, and they’re pretty prestigious for this area; I’m sure you’re guaranteed to have generated a lot of business if you have that award seal on your restaraunt’s entryway. If you’re going to be near Arcata, CA this Saturday, please  check it out! Or if not, at least look at the link to check on what you’re missing. 😉

Have a great weekend, everyone, I know I will be!



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