Off to Sacramento!

Hey guys,

So I’m pretty excited because I am taking my first official non-lake summer trip of 2012! If it’s one thing that I really lack in my life, it’s really getting out of the Humboldt glum and taking a chance to go do things in the rest of civilization.

This trip’s actually going to be pretty quick, leaving tomorrow afternoon and coming back Saturday night.Also, I’m actually tagging along with my mother-in-law because she has some work that she’s going to be doing in the area and she invited me to come with her!

So, now to the important stuff: what am I going to be doing?

To be perfectly honest, even though I absolutely love planning out trips and itineraries, I’m also a sucker for spontaniety. So even though I say I’m going to be doing all these things, doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to be sticking to this plan; especially since I haven’t really gotten my MIL’s input on what she wants to do during her non-work time.

There are, though, two things that I am for sure going to be doing:


Why, pray tell, must I put that in caps? Well, besides the fact that I’m in love with shopping (duh) I live in a very small county, not to mention town. The top three coolest stores in my mall are: 1.Victoria’s Secret 2.Pacific Sunwear and 3. Zumiez. For reals. No Macy*s, no Forever 21 (*sob*)…we don’t even have a Border’s anymore. So I guess, really, what I mean by shopping is trying to find the most well-stocked mall in the area. I have some serious wardrobe re-stocking and home goods purchasing to accomplish. More on that in a later post…

2. Eat at the Melting Pot.

Two words: holy fondue. Ok, so one would’ve sufficed, but how have I never eaten at this place before?! The thought alone astonishes me. From what I can gather from friends and their website, it’s pretty much self-explanatory: fondue heaven. I still can’t grasp the concept and I can’t wait to try it. My MIL is actually gluten intolerant (so I’ve mentioned recently) and this place actually does a gluten-free menu which is AWESOME.

Here are some other things that I wouldn’t mind squeezing in to my little jaunt:

1.Visit Crossroads Trading Co.

I actually heard of this place from a co-worker who lived in the area when she was going to school for a couple years. On their site it says that they carry name brands like True Religion and Louis Vuitton. I’m a little wary of their pricing(although not sure what it is at all), but said co-worker says that that’s where she used to shop all the time; so if a girl on a student’s budget can afford it, I guess it’s worth a try! If you couldn’t gather from the name it’s kind of a second-hand “recycled goods” place, but with only top named brands. I’m super interested in cheking this out.

2. Go antiquing!

I believe that this is something that is definitely in more of the “will do” area of my excursion as my MIL and I are both avid history buffs and admirers (me the admirer to her buff). I’ve found a couple of places online that I hope we can manage to squeeze into our limited stay:

Antique and Collectible Marketplace

I’d steer clear of this place if you’re not too into dolls, I guess there’s a gigantic room (out of the 6,000 square foot building) dedicated to them, but otherwise from the couple reviews I read on Yelp it looks like a great find! I’m really hoping that it would live up to it’s name of having reasonable pricing-something very scarce in the antique world.

57th St Antique Row

I’m actually a little wary of adding this place on to my list at all, I actually added the Yelp link above so you, my lovely readers, can be more aware of what to expect before coming to this place. Stalking customers in your store is literally my NUMBER ONE pet peeve of all time when shopping hands down and that seems to be a consistent review topic no matter where I looked at reviews. I did, though, add it simply because I love variety; and considering the fact that it is a larger establishment with multiple shops I believe that this idea is accomplished quite easily.  

3. Mmmm…sushi…

I’m a huge fan of sushi. I’m very blessed to live in a place where we have quite a few treasures as far as sushi is concerned, but I’ve always wanted to kind of check out the bigger city joints. Here are a couple I’d want to try:

Miyagi Bar & Sushi

Mikuni Sushi

Tamaya Sushi

Alright, peeps, have a great rest of your week. I can’t wait to share the weekend experience with you all! 🙂



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