WHY Do I Always Read Food Blogs When I’m Hungry?

Hey Peeps,

I always do this. I can’t help myself.

I am hungry and currently just quit reading food blogs to complain about my reading food blogs while I’m starving. It doesn’t make sense. I feel like the internet is solely to blame. It’s like this intense cycle of thinking about food, then reading about food, which makes you think about food more, and so on…it’s vicious.

Why, do you say, that I turn to food blogs? Well I’d like to think there’s a more intense psychological reason for it, but I think it’s for the most part because the food is SO dang delicious looking!

Here are a couple of my favorites:

David Lebovitz

This guy not only encompasses a lot of the style of food I enjoy, but the guy lives in PARIS. If I haven’t exclaimed this enough, it is my utmost dream to visit this place some day. He dabbles here and there with his life in Paris along with his cooking/food log, so I tend to find myself living vicariously through him.

steak frites

Tell me you wouldn’t want to go to a restaurant that served THAT, and I’ll show you a liar (unless you’re a vegetarian).

Smitten Kitchen

The thing I love most about this author is that not only does she bring cooking down to earth to us mere mortals who don’t have access to hundreds of dollars worth of ingredients/equipment, but her food looks AMAZING. I haven’t really had a chance to really delve into any of her recipes in particular since I’m more of a new fan of hers, but man oh man am I dying to try this:

warm, crisp and a little melty crouton

Um, goat cheese croutons?! Yes please! I think this would be particularly delicious using some of my local Cypress Grove cheese (the Bermuda triangle in particular).

You guys will have to check ’em out! Do you guys ever deal with this form of delicious torture?


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