Battle: Accepted

Hey guys!

So last week I wrote about how there was a whole list of thing I wanted to do in my yard. I have to admit, I didn’t think I would he such a start on the list so soon! Although it didn’t make too big of a dent, I ended up clearing out some weeds from along the edge of the backyard and along the house near the deck by the back of our garage door. Even with only two hours’ of work under my belt it really, to me, felt like a difference, especially after I found this beaut in my yard:


Oh yeah. Ridiculous. This thing was butted up against the neighbors’ fence and there’s actually roots that are growing under it onto their side which I tried to round up as best as i could. I mentioned this earlier, but over the winter I had my brother help me clear some of these puppies out, and the whole time I thought that I was missing one…well…it was two:


I actually found this second ball first. Obviously it isn’t nearly as ferocious as the behemoth in the first picture, but it was definitely a premonition after I noticed it in the ground:


*Sigh.* The real bummer about this one is that it’s intertwined with this really awesome tall bush/tree that has these huge purple flowers. I forgot to get a picture of the tree/bush, but after being all tired and dirty from that type of work, I wasn’t really in the mood for fiddling with my phone too much. Here’s one nest to my small/medium sized glove for perspective:


Hopefully this is the last of the huge ones!

Alright, this will probably be my last post of the week as I have some inlaws visiting from the good ol’ state of Wyoming! have a great rest of the week and a wonderful memorial weekend!



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