Me vs. House, Battle: Garden Edition

Hey guys,

So, as I’ve already talked about a trillion times already, I recently bought a house (it will actually have been a YEAR next week! I can’t even believe it). And as with any large project, there’s a lot of work to be done, and that takes a lot of time and effort. As this is my first entire spring and summer season living in the house and not really having to deal with the real stresses of making this house liveable, my husband and I have decided to concentrate more on making the outside of this house less of an eyesore. It’s not as though it’s just out-of-this-world horrible to begin with, it’s just not really our style, and it’s been a little mismanaged. So we are really trying to make it our own.

We’ve already come a long way towards this goal as of now:

1.I cut down (and by I, I literally mean by myself) blackberry bushes with vines literally twice as long as I am

2. My husband and his friend made a wonderful rabbit cage for my lovely Tulip.

3. My brother helped me this winter dig up some HUGE root balls (I wish I had taken a picture of the biggest one…the size of a softball).

4. My husband and his friends cut down two of the three large trees in our front yard that were not only way too big to have lasted too long in our front yard simply because of size, but they were also starting to rub on to the side and roof of the house…it was just time for them to go.

Now, as for what we want to accomplish this spring/summer (in no particular order):

1. Cut down two giant trees in our backyard–they block all the sun during the morning!

2. Paint the exterior of the house, more on this disaster later.

3. Remove all the rock in the front and back yards, replace the barrier paper, then put back all the rock.

4. Tear out three horrific bushes from the front of the houses and replace them with lovely hydrangeas.

5. Make sure the roses I planted a couple of months ago survive.

6.Put the lavender plants I received as gifts into a more suitable planter situation.

7. Move my japanese maple from my inlaws’ into a permanent place in my backyard.

…So what do you guys think? Is it doable? As far as how my planting/gardening skills will effect any of this…just in case you were curious, they don’t really effect me in my favor. I actually have a horrible, nonexistent green thumb; it sucks too because I love flowers and watching them grow! Hopefully now that I have my  own to worry about in my own space that will change. How do you guys feel about gardening or maintaining your outside space?


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