What Month Is It? Oh yeah, The Month I Go Broke.

Hey guys,

You’re probably thinking when you read the title of this post I was going to be talking about that dreaded date of April 15th? Well, I’m not; I actually took care of my taxes almost a month ago like a good adult. I happen to enjoy this month because so many people I care about have birthdays! I’m celebrating five to be exact…dang,that’s a lot of presents and parties! This is the most birthday-filled month for me besides September. Do you guys know when your most birthday saturated month of the year is? I’m a huge fan of celebrating pretty much any holiday, but especially birthdays; I feel that that’s the one true day where it’s to celebrate you being around in people’s lives and I really embrace that.

As I am getting older, I notice that a lot of people don’t really hold a candle to the whole birthday celebrations the way I do. When I ask: ‘what are you doing today?’ to people around my age now, instead of the ‘omigod,I’m doing this, that and the other’ I get a lot of ‘meh, I think I’m going to be sleeping and then maybe going out to a bar later [even on a Wednesday].’ When I hear these kinds of responses, I get kind of sad. Yes, I am mature enough and have enough grey matter between my ears to get that people can do whatever they choose on their birthday because it’s their special day. Seriously, though, SLEEPING?! It’s like even if you have to work, I can’t see how you wouldn’t want to go and do something a little nice for yourself. When I had to work the morning of my birthday back in February, I woke up a little earlier and fixed my hair extra nice, wore an extra cute top, and took my time to get to Starbucks and order my favorite drink/pastry combo on the way.

Please don’t take this post as complaining–I get that a lot when I express my heartbreak for birthdays past–I just see a birthday as the ultimate opportunity to not only get nice gifts or a special dinner, but to really re-evaluate yourself and think about your own self worth.Also, to see what you’ve contributed to yourself and the world around you in your short years on the planet and going out and doing a congratulatory celebration of all the things that have gone right during this one and only life of yours.

So with this whole month of celebrating the lives of my loved ones progressing during the time of the year when everything is being born or reborn,I just really thought this was as good of a time as any to share these thoughts.What other parts of April do you consider to be your favorite? It’s smack dab in the middle of when cute little fur babies are born and all the flowers are in bloom. You can actually go outside without having to wear two pairs of socks and a parka, well unless you’re in Humboldt county like me, then you’re still having to wear a gigantic raincoat.And I hope you all have had a great one so far.


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