I’m Done!

Hey guys,

Holy guacamole I can’t express to you all how excited I was for Easter! It’s kinda selfish to say, but it wasn’t really because of the dinner and family bonding, or even the $50 egg that my husband’s grandma still hides for the adults for the hunt…BUT…it’s because I can FINALLY start eating sweets/candy again! I can feel my thighs and lower midriff crying as I type this, but I can’t help it. I gave up meat for Lent one year and it was so much easier than this it’s ridiculous. I actually ended up having a semi-aversion to meat for quite a while afterward and I go back to that every once in a while (don’t worry fellow carnivores, I don’t think I’d ever be able to permanently give up my chicken wings…that’s just crazy talk).

Anyhow, I was talking to my mother in law about a week and a half into it, and she couldn’t figure out why I was still craving all these confections, as her theory (which is a popular one) is that you can usually overcome a craving within 3 days. This thought really stumped me for a while, like I must be either really like pre-disorder addicted to sugar, or this theory isn’t right. My conclusion is that neither is the case. I was sitting at work one day and it just hit me. I always noticed that even though the general theme of my food cravings was sugar, it was always sugar in some different form. Lately it’s been frozen yogurt (*drool*) and donuts; and when I first started this crazy Lent thing, I was craving chocolate candies in any form like nobody’s business. It then moved on to birthday cake,madelines,brownies…you get the idea. So even though you might be able to forget or even suppress your food feelings, it’s hard when you give up something that has a lot of different interpretations of the main ingredient.

So from my perspective and full on personal experience, not only is it super extremely difficult to give up something like sugar/sweets, but when you have something at the end like Easter to enjoy with all the different kinds of food stuffs coming your way, it’s hard not to slip up. Or, especially in my case, at least dream of what you’re going to be abusing your body with once the quest is over. What did I eat when first given the chance to reach for something sweet? A Cadbury chocolate caramel egg. 🙂 I hope you guys had a wonderful Easter and really enjoyed whatever it is that came your way today.


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