Happy Leap Day! …Let’s make Japanese Food!

Helloooo all,

So recently, I have been noticing my sushi making kits and Japanese dishware just sitting there, asking me to make something out of them. So I decided to research what would be a delicious feast including all the delectable food that go along with sushi. Here are some things I came up with:

Hi, tofu! Don’t be afraid, this Bon Appetit article not only gives delicious recipe options, it also breaks down the different types. Here’s the article:


Hinachirashi! I learned that this is prepared in the spring time usually to celebrate girls day in Japan…I thought this was cute considering in Portugal they do a similar kind of holiday where they celebrate friends days for both girls and boys…but we’re not talking about Portugal right now, are we? Here’s the recipe:


One more for good measure, which is Steamed Clams with Butter and Sake. The two main reasons that I would love to try this would be: 1. I love seafood (duh) and 2. I love cooking with alcohol (and drinking it, another duh)!

Here’s the link to the recipe:


Also, since we’re on the subject of sushi as well, I decided to link allrecipe.com’s top 20 recipes, which includes the aforementioned clam dish. I also cannot wait to try the miso soup and get their take on how to make sushi! Here’s the link:


Alrighty guys, have a great one-in-four-years day! Oh, and don’t forget to check out Google’s main page, the image is super cute today!


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