For Everyone (Like Me) Who Didn’t Have the ABC Channel Yesterday

Hey Guys,

So I was sitting at home last night, all super pumped to watch the Oscars and was left SUPER disappointed when I couldn’t watch it because I’m not subscribed to the ABC channel! Of course my husband was stoked because that left more time for him to watch Finding Bigfoot (yes he believes in them…I’m a little skeptical). So for those of you who were left saddened like me, I found a couple of links that give you the gist of all the good stuff that happened that night.

First off the winners:

[Yes this is a fellow wordpress blogger! Good stuff! I really like how they used actual pictures from that night…that must have been quite a feat to find!]

What everyone was wearing:

 One of my favorite looks of the night. Great actress (Michelle Williams) as well! 🙂

[pic from]

And here’s an article regarding one of the most talked-about pre-show moments of the night:

This ‘The Dictator‘ movie Sacha Baron Cohen‘s doing is going to be an intense one!

 Alright, guys, until next time! Hopefully for 2013 this will teach us award-show loving viewers to be more prepared!



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