Beauty Moment: What I’m Loving Right Now

Hey Guys,

So I have been noticing a TON of new beauty stuff coming out lately (and some beauty products that I have just noticed even though they have been out for a while) and I figured that I’d share with you some of the things I’m really taking to right now:

Betsey Johnson polish by OPI for Sephora! So I am super pumped about this because I can pretty much admit that I am a nail polish junkie (just bought four last weekend) and I love Betsey Johnson’s style. Elle and Blair Fowler (two of my favorite youtube vloggers) do a really good review of the colors featured in this line. I wouldn’t mind if Forever Wild and Pushing Your Luck just happened to appear on my doorstep. 😉 Here’s the link if you guys are interested in checking it out:

Also, I’m really excited about an event on which is for Stila makeup! I myself picked up the Artists Palette that includes their shade called Kitten that I’m really excited to try. It’s supposed to be a more pigmented version of MAC’s Naked Lunch which I currently use as part of my every day look. For those of you who don’t know about HauteLook is, it’s a website that features different clothing, beauty, and home brands as well as other items in what are called “events” and for a couple of days they feature different products from those brands for very low prices. The Stila palette that I picked up was only $15 with shipping, which is amazing considering that it’s usually priced at $28…so even with shipping, it’s still a lot cheaper. I found that you usually want to check the site ASAP because especially with clothing (like today’s Free People event)things go quickly, the more inexpensive things/better deals go the quickest (naturally).

I’m a member of Instagram (andrearie is my screen name for those interested) and I “follow” a lot of different beauty posts, and I’ve noticed a lot of the more recent nail photos featured involve a polish from Nicki Minaj’s OPI line, so I picked one up this weekend (not a lot of selection where I went, which I was kind of bummed about) and I got the polish called Fly, and I’m actually pretty excited to try it! It’s kind of a darker seafoam green/teal color, which is one of my favorites.

[This pic is from one of my fellow bloggers Through The Looking Glass here on wordpress. You should look her up! :)]

Hope you guys enjoyed these things as much as I do!  


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