Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Hey guys,

So I’m sitting outside on my deck on a very unseasonably sunny afternoon here in Humboldt County scrolling around the internet (I swear I do have other hobbies) and I noticed that I have found a couple of great bloggers out there that I have to give credit for. I haven’t been at this too long, and these people really give me inspiration and help me strive to get people who read my blog to the captivated state that I was in while reading these other bloggers’ posts.

So I decided to give you guys the opportunity to look at these same bloggers sites that I did and hopefully you guys get the same enjoyment that I did!

1. Better Remade []

The reason why I really enjoy this blog is because not only do I really love her writing style, but her actual style is SO me! I’m all about repurposing and making things new using personal touches. This girl actually goes out and does things on the regular to re-vamp her home, and I’m kinda jealous of that. 😉

2. A Country Farmhouse []

Not only does this woman have similar tastes/style for her home as I do, but she touches on a lot of varying topics that I am interested myself such as different kitchen ideas and her living style. I also really enjoy all of the pictures she puts up, I feel like it’s a really good way to have insight into someone’s mind, especially in the blogging area. I wish that I would have the ability to take and place on my blog the high quality pictures that I see on this blog. I hope to get there someday, hopefully sooner rather than later!

3. Cupcakes and Cashmere []

Ok, so this site I didn’t find recently, actually it was my main inspiration into even getting into blogging in the first place. But I can’t go around giving other blogs credit for being awesome without mentioning this one. Not only does the author know how to keep things super simple and really visual, but her closet is like my dream. She definitely does a lot of things that I wouldn’t even have thought to do with fashion had I not stumbled upon her website. Also, you have to check out one of her most recent posts regarding brownie burgers. They’re awesome looking!

4. Making it Lovely []

I find a lot of inspiration from this blogger. She always has really cool ideas for the home, and I really understand how she explains all of her projects and like how she lays everything out. I really like too, that she kind of has a more technological background as I am completely inept when it comes to web layouts and creating different pages, etc. It’s nice that she can still talk about all of that kind of stuff but still keep such a girly,feminine attitude/style about it.

Alright guys, I’m going to get back to sunbathing now. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.


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