All the Interesting Things That Have Popped Up on My Facebook Timeline

Hey guys,

So during my usual droll through the internet, I noticed all these interesting photos/links! I felt it was necessary to share:

[Sidenote: I tried to give credit where credit’s due, but most of these just came up from my friends’ timelines/people I’ve “liked” on Facebook.]



This link is awesome. It’s from The Huffington Post’s website, and it’s titled “The Craziest Superbowl Food Concoctions”. My favorite has to be the bacon explosion (showed above) and the snack stadium. Here’s the link-

UM, what is this?! Finding Nemo coming out in 3D?? I might have to go see this! Here’s the link to the YouTube trailer-

Blake Shelton’s on the cover of Rolling Stone this month (with everyone else from The Voice…a show which, surprisingly enough, I don’t watch).

Hello, gorgeous pic of Amanda Seyfried! [Featured on Glamour magazine’s Facebook page]

Apparently today is Dyrdek day…not really sure I understand this too much, but that’s ok because he’s awesome. Oh, and by the way, he is extremely hilarious.

I love Tiffany & Co. I really wish I could have been at this True Love In Pictures gallery…or at least I wish that I could just own this super amazing photo booth that was featured there:

The woman in front of the booth is fashion designer Charlotte Ronson, who attended the gallery on 1/25. 

I really enjoyed this article, also, regarding different ways to store cosmetics from Glamour Magazine:

Have a great day. 🙂


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