Food and TV

Hey guys,

Holy guacamole I love food. And TV. And being able to combine them into one cohesive event without looking like a complete dinner-in-front-of-the-tv-watching bum (but hey, who doesn’t do that once in a while?).

But anyway, two of the biggest reasons to watch TV and eat a lot of food are coming up, and one of the reasons I was really inspired to write this post is due to this post on’s site (I follow them on twitter, too. @epicurious). They took the best picture nominees and created menus revolving around the themes of the movies. I think it’s pretty genius. Here’s the link:

By the way, you can check out the show on February 26th.

I bet ten bucks you guys can guess the other TV to food topic I’m going to mention: The Superbowl! I don’t really have quite the same super cool link for this TV event, but I don’t think it’s needed! There’s all sorts of nom-able ideas that you can come up with to serve at this event, but one that I’m really excited to make (and for the first time at that) is buffalo chicken dip! I know it’s probably not the most exciting item on a menu, but I’m really excited to try it! Here’s the recipe I plan on using:

I’m really excited about the fact that it makes A LOT, also. 😉

And veering off the topic of food just a bit, there’s this super sweet contest on Rachael Ray Magazine’s website to win a trip for 4 to Hawaii! Here’s the link:

Have a fab day!




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