Soup and Sausage

Hey guys,

So on Saturday, my kitchen was taken over by my husband and his dad. What an unusual thought, huh? Two men taking over the kitchen…and COOKING at that! ūüėČ Actually, my father in law is quite the cook, and he’s always really into trying something new. This time around, his new thing to try is venison breakfast¬†sausage. And since my husband had an abundance of deer meat from about 2 years of hunting seasons, they decided to take some of the less delectable cuts of meat and make something supremely delicious!

Here’s the gist of how they put it together:

-2 lbs ground beef

-9 lbs pork shoulder,meat cut off bone

-9 lbs venison

-stick each individual meat through a meat grinder¬†(they used a kitchenaid mixer attatchment-works really well but it’s REALLY loud which was crappy due to my trying to watch a movie in the other room.)

-add seasonings -you can buy breakfast sausage seasoning specifically for game animals at hunting/outdoor stores and I bet at specialty markets as well.

-mix it allllll together, then run the meat through the grinder again.

That’s it! The FIL says that the seasonings don’t really set into the meat right away, but his dad stuck it on our cast-iron grill pan right after they made it¬†and it was AMAZEBALLS. They then packaged up the rest in¬†freezer paper for us to stock up on.¬†you would think with about 20 lbs of meat that you¬†would have a LOT of sausage, but when you think about giving a package¬†or¬†two to friends and family here and there, it¬†runs out quickly!¬†You can use the ground meat for pretty much anything, I’m actually going to try using it in meatballs hopefully¬†some time next week.

Another reason why I really enjoyed my husband and FIL have a¬†cooking spree in my kitchen is the fact that not only did I get all this super awesome sausage, but I got a ham bone which I am currently stewing in my crock pot right now to make my first attempt at ham bone soup! Here’s the recipe I’m using:

I tweaked it a little by taking out 1/4 of the onion (which isn’t a real big favorite of mine or my hub’s) and adding in about 1.5 cups of carrots (which we both agreed was a needed addition).

Here are a couple pics from my soup adventure:


imageThe above pic is about the halfway point, and below is the soup with the bone ready to cook. image


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