Thoughts For the 3rd Friday of 2012

Hello Folks!

Well I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I’m currently residing in that ginormous storm on the Pacific Northwest and MAN are we getting some rain! So far the weather has literally said rain,rain,rain all day everyday throughout the week next week.

So with thoughts to the rain, I thought I’d post a pic of these super amazing pair of boots that I have been wanting for a millenia!

[photo from]

These are Lucky Brand Aida boots, and are actually on sale right now at Piperlime. I might be needing them for my birthday. One of the reasons why I really love them is because of the fact that the back of the shoe is really stretchy and adjustable. This is a nice quality when you have mega-calves like I do. 😉

I also wanted to mention whe whole SOPA law that the government is trying to pass; this basically in my understanding means that the government is trying to censor the internet. I think this is completely bogus! Not only is it corrupting our right to free speech, but they’re meddling in something that is none of their concern. With so many other issues going on in the world right now, why now? Why is this issue becoming such a major focus of importance? I hate to sound so vague, but I don’t really want to list any links for info for fear of sounding to byass on the whole issue. I like that people can form their own informed opinions and decisions over things, and I don’t want to steer people in a certain direction.

I do have to mention, too, the fact that I am actually kind of saddened by the fact that Katy Perry and Russel Brand Broke up! I mean, I understand that celebrity mairrage isn’t really something to be taken too seriously, but I always hate to see people who look happy really not be and succumb to pressures of life and the world around them.

Why Katy Perry "Will Never Forgive" Russell Brand

[photo from]

Also, I wanted to take note and mention the immense saddness felt today with the passing of the legend Etta James.

Blues Legend Etta James Dies at 73

[photo from]

There is also more info regarding the singer in the link above for any one interested in more background on her impact in music and her life.

 Ok guys, please pray that my power doesn’t go out…and if I’m not too busy with all of the homework I already have (bleh) maybe I’ll be able to get another post on here! Otherwise, I hope you guys all have a great weekend. 🙂


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