Wow food poisioning…

Hey everyone,

So have any of you guys out there in internet land ever experienced the “joys” (yeah,note that joys is in quotes because I am saying that with about as much sarcasm as my food-deprived self can muster) of food poisoning?

It’s awful. Horrible. Literally the worst illness/ailment I have ever experienced aside from shingles (yeah, had that at 18; that was a bummer in a much different way).

It couldn’t have come at a worse time, considering that spring semester started for me yesterday. So that was fun. Luckily I have online classes, but seriously try concentrating after an all night experience like food poisoning. It is no fun.

But anywho, part of the reason I really wanted to blog about my horrific experience is because I needed to share all of the yummy things that I wish that I could eat right now! I figured at the very least I could live vicariously through you guys…*sigh* Also, with the super bowl coming around the corner (yes I’m one of those typical people who only watches the super bowl game even though they don’t know a thing about the teams or football) I can’t stop thinking about chicken wings dang it!

Ok so firstly I have to start with this dish from, I get weekly(ish) emails and they always have the most amazing stuff on there!

I hope you guys don’t get squeamish about fish…

Steamed Fish with Lime and Chile

[photo from]

Holy yum does this Thai steamed fish with lime and chile dish not look amazing? I’m a huge seafood fanatic and I have been wanting to try my hand at some Thai type food for a while, so there you go.

Alright, do any of you guys watch Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory? I feel annoyed with myself at even admitting that I do, but lately I can’t help but think about the episode where he tries to make the most expensive grilled cheese sandwich and the whole posse enters that contest…mmm grilled cheese…

[photo from]

So I don’t think I have to say much regarding the deliciousness of this buffalo chicken wing dip, although I do have to admit that I’d probably split the recipe in half so that way I could not burn my tongue off with hot sauce (this recipe calls for a WHOLE bottle) since I’m a little bit of a lame-o when it comes to the stuff.

Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip. Photo by KPD

[photo and recipe from]

 Alright, I think this is about all I can handle as far as this food talk is concerned, but I hope you guys have been enjoying it!


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