I Couldn’t Wait Until Friday

Hey everyone!

So I decided to do my weekly wrap up(which I have been horribly inconsistent with) today…why? Because I CAN. Oh, and because I had to show the most amazing picture ever that was from the people’s choice awards last night (which I forgot was on, dang it).

[photo from justjaredjr.buzznet.com]

Ummm….what is this?! I love it! ūüėÄ I would die if¬†I found out¬†RPattz¬†and the Great White¬†had been each other’s date.

Ok, enough of that amazingness, here’s 4 other things I have been loving this week that I want to share with you guys:

1. Pottery Barn’s 75% off clearance…why do I love this so much? Because even though I have to pine for their products online due to my small town’s location, it’s nice to know that I can still get finer things somewhat inexpensively at times. Case in point, these super amazing nautical hooks that I really need (or want, whatever…) for my master bathroom that run at about six bucks each:

Nautical Boat Hook, Polished Nickel finish  Nautical Cleat Hook, Polished Nickel finish  Nautical Galley Hook, Polished Nickel finish

[photos from potterybarn.com]

2. This super awesome photographer named Tyler Shields is someone I have to mention this week. I follow him on Twitter, and he has been doing this series on different things that his fans have been requesting him to destroy. So far they have been designer items such as (tragically) these gorgeous Christian Louboutin pumps

Christian Louboutin cut in half

3. This super adorable video montage of a baby girl and her best friend–a german shepherd puppy–doing best friend like things. It’s too adorable for words. Here’s the link if you decide to check it out:


If that doesn’t work just search: “German Shepherd and Baby: You’re My Best Friend” it’s the first video.

4. *Sigh* I saw this notebook from Victoria’s Secret when I was checking out the¬†Semi Annual Sale¬†at my local store last week, and I didn’t get it because I was being a bum and not wanting to spend the money…now I’m regretting it…I might have to see if¬†it’s still there this weekend:

It didn’t look exactly like this in the store ( the actual notepad was smaller and the leopard print was multicolored) but this was the only picture on their website I could find. This thing would be perfect for my desk!

Alright guys, I don’t know if I’m going to write nay more this week, so if that’s the case have a wonderful weekend!


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