Home Decor Issue

Hey folks,

So, one of the things my husband and I got for Christmas was this super sweet surround sound stereo system from his parents. It’s really neat and all, but the problem with it is that all the speakers are corded…and my living room is really awkwardly shaped with vaulted ceilings. So what we had to do (or more of what my husband thought was an intelligent idea to do) was to staple the speaker that’s supposed to be behind you on the left side to right by where the entry way is almost above the light switch. Which wouldn’t be too big of a problem if on that same wall wasn’t the entry way (therefore you have to worry about the door opening), our alarm panel, the light switch, and a large statement mirror. So in all reality, the only space I really have to cover the hideous silver cord running up my wall where the speaker’s connecting is about 18″. I’m still looking for ideas, but I’ve been thinking about doing some different ideas similar to something like these pics:


…yes that’s a bathroom, but how cool would old fashioned door knobs look as coat hooks?


this would take some work, but it’d be worth it! Too bad it’d probably not fit in the space I’m needing it in. :/


 I really like the idea of a monogram…


Hi, perfect mix of girly with rugged masculine! Not sure if the hubs would be too approving, though. Hee hee


This is my favorite idea, apparently these are made of palettes, but I really like the idea of using wood from like an old barn or fence or something like that.


I’d probably use a more rustic frame because that would fit my scheme more, but isn’t this cute?!


I actually REALLY want to use this idea…my alarm is ridiculously large…maybe using deer antlers?


LOL I had to use this one for good measure even though it’d be on the other side of my entryway…is this not too hilarious for words?

[all photos from pinterest.com]

Please leave any of your own comments or suggestions! 🙂 And have a great rest of your weekend.


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