What I Got for Christmas…and Other Thoughts


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! I know I sure did…I can definitely say that Christmas 2011 was at the top of the memory scale for sure. I didn’t even mind the travel this year…I think it’s because my husband and I knew that at the end of the day we had our own abode to come home to, and that was a real comfort.

Now on to the good stuff:

(disclaimer:: I hope no one takes this as bragging, if you want to leave me a link to your blog posts or even share your swag in a comment, I’d love to read/see them! I have a bunch of bloggers and vloggers that I follow, and I’ve been through all of their posts and I just thought I’d share my own experience!)

1. Juicy Couture bag and charm bracelet (thanks pops!):

 [both photos from Coco Cuvee’s Facebook page]

2. Grey knit UGG’s! These have been on my list for about 3 years(thanks madre!):


[photo from uggaustralia.com]

3. Miss Me’s (thanks ML!)

[photo from Coco Cuvee’s Facebook page]

4. This super cute jewelery armoire…I’ve been dying to get one of these, I have collected quite the stash of baubles over the years(thanks hubs!).

 …sorry for the crappily small pic, it was the best I could do…[from kmart.com]

So yeah, these were my top 4 gifts this year, and I was very grateful for everything I received, as well as being able to spend some good ol’ fashioned QT with the fam. Along with the receiving and giving and after evening mass on Christmas Eve, I have gotten more geared up to giving back, and have started making my give away/donate pile that I consistently put into larger and larger with things that my husband and I just don’t need anymore and that could do people a lot less fortunate than ourselves some good. What charities to you contribute your spare time/change to? I would love to hear what good causes you guys support! I’m thinking in the future I might dedicate a post to charities in review.

Type to you guys later. 😉


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