Can’t forget Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah!

So I noticed throughout these past couple of posts that I have really been concentrating on Christmas-like subjects, albeit presents to whatever, and although there are MANY other religions with celebratory events that happen throughout the year, I remembered that yesterday was the start of Hanukkah! What’s the big deal, you say, about remembering a religious holiday that you don’t celebrate? Well, aside from the fact that one of my best and longest friends observes Judaism, I can’t help but think how interesting this holiday is!

Although I can’t really say that I’m too knowledgeable of the religion besides the whole kosher, minora and dreidle ideas, I still think it has its interesting points. So while I was checking out one of my favorite foodie websites ( I came across a really cool blog entry regarding a woman who makes 400 potato latkes for her holiday celebration every year! Uhhh can we say ambitious?! She says it takes her about 12 hours to make, and although I don’t plan on making 400 of them, my work is having a holiday potluck tomorrow and I really want to try out her simple latke recipe (don’t worry, it only makes 18 in one batch). A potato latke,to put it simply, is like a potato pancake. To me it kind of sounds like fancier hash browns, but who knows. I’m excited to try them!

Here’s the site if you guys want to check it out for yourselves:



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