Hey people!

So for the few (but I appreciate all of you!!) that do read my blog, I’m sorry I haven’t been as consistent with my writing lately…with school, finals,finishing up shopping, and my being horrendously ill most of the week last week, blogging just hasn’t been able to really take a place in my life as of late. I hope I haven’t been missed too much! 😉

So anywho…can you guys believe that Christmas is in SIX days?! Luckily I finished my shopping early, now it’s just the lovely wait for all those online purchases to come trickling in so I can get them wrapped and under my tree. Speaking of online, I swear you need to check out hautelook.com…unfortunately you probably won’t get your items in by Christmas at this rate, but they have some AWESOME brands that I cannot get enough of. (Can we say Juicy Couture, Philosophy, and Volcom?? And those are just a couple of the most recent events that have been up lately.)

For anyone who still hasn’t managed to get everyone taken care of on your list, you’re not alone. I know a lot of people who still haven’t finished, I actually am usually one of those people, but I happened to figure out ahead of time what I was going to get everyone. Also my list is pretty small so it’s not too difficult. I actually did all of my Christmas shopping this last weekend for my dad (he’s a dairy rancher and just an all around normal guy–aka he hates shopping with a passion. haha) and I actually finished it up in three hours! I was getting over a flu so I was miserable the whole time,but it was SO worth it. There were so many good deals that I could NOT pass up! I’ll list them here quickly (keep in mind, these were just the stores that I visited this weekend in my area, so there could be far more superior ones, but my mall is teeny tiny and like I said I was not feeling too hot.):

1. PacSun: *sigh* I could go on for DAYS about how much I adore this store. Not only is it youthful, but you can dress like an adult and save a ton of dinero. When I went there on Saturday, they had buy one get one FREE denim, thermals, and sweatshirts and everything else was 40% off. It was ridiculous. I had to resist major temptation to go wild on myself and settle for a cute little orange slouchy shirt with a deer on it which was in the redline section (not sure that was 40% off also, but I want to say yes).

2. Bath and Body Works: This store is actually a newer favorite of mine. I used to think their scents were super cheesy and way over priced, but all of my other front desk co-workers swear by that store so I decided to give it another go and I’m so glad I did!I actually ended up getting a couple candles for myself…including one that I ended up burning in my house for the rest of the afternoon when I got home. It’s called under the mistletoe…I want to describe it as having a naturally sweet smell with a little bit of like evergreen. I mean natural as in like flowers as opposed to like cotton candy or something. Either way,if you love candles (and hand sanitizer–that’s a big thing with me and my co-workers) that place is the place to go! My favorite sale going on there right now (or at least it was on Saturday) was 3 wick candles 2 for $20. Considering they’re usually about $20 apiece, it’s like getting one free. I love free!

3. Famous Footwear: This is where I got my husband’s gift (from my dad anyways haha) and I noticed that everything in that store was about 10-15% off…and hey that goes a long way. Even though I consider myself to be quite the girly girl, I just can’t fathom spending full price on shoes…it’s criminal!

Oh, and before I sign off, I had a lil mini nail party with some girl friends last night, and I requested a browning symbol “rudolph” on my ring finger. Didn’t she do the most amazing job?! All free hand too! I am in LOVE.



I couldn’t figure out a good base, so I decided to go with nude (not really wintry but what can you do?) How would you guys have done it?


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