Tis the Season!


Holy moly!

Only 23 days til Christmas!! I have to express that outright because I absolutely love this time of year without a doubt. Besides my birthday it’s my favorite. 😉 I feel like this year I’m more in touch with my Christmas-y spirit than in years past; and this is for a lot of reasons:

1. I have super amazeballs coworkers who love to play holiday music all day long (and let me borrow super sweet necklaces like this 🙂image

 (I was trying to be a little covert when taking this picture, which might explain the tired face…I guess… haha!)

2. I also have all the same excitements that I’ve had with Thanksgiving…that is,that it’ll be my first holiday in our new home! 🙂 I’m not quite sure what’s happening for the holidays quite yet, but I will be decorating and getting a tree nonetheless this weekend! I’m so excited! 🙂

I started a tradition the year I got married to buy a new hallmark ornament every year for christmas. This is ours for this year:

[pic from: www.hookedonhallmark.com via google]

Isn’t it adorbs? ;P Maybe I’m a little biased…

3. Did I mention that I’m decorating?! Ohhhh my goodness, I can’t get over this part…I’ve been planning on all the stuff I’ve been wanting to do to my house for weeks now, especially with the tree! Here are some cute holiday ideas I’ve found that are some good inspiration:

Christmas Christmas christmas vignette christmasChristmas christmas! #holidays Holidays Christmas!  for the holidays For the holidays

[all images via pinterest.com]

…Alright, so I only have 3 reasons for now, but that’s still a lot!

Also, sorry about the lack of posts lately, with Thanksgiving (which was AWESOME, by the way…my turkey turned out perfectly; most of my family exclaimed it was the best they’d ever eaten!!), black Friday (which was a HUGE success!! I even got Rocky a suhweeeeet gift…more on that later…), and these last couple weeks of school upon me, it’s been tough to write! I do appreciate those who do stop by…tell your friends! 🙂

PS: I had to share this really cool fact I learned today!


 Have a wonderful weekend!


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