Countdown time…

Hey guys!

I don’t know if I’m going to be able to post too much the closer it gets to turkey day, so I figured I’d take some time while I have it to write a lil sumthin’ sumthin’. Can you guys believe there’s only 3 days left until we gobble up all the deliciousness that is turkey day? I’m wayyyyyy too excited. Like beyond. Like it’s horrific. It’s all I have been talking to my husband about all weekend…we actually spent most of the weekend shopping for house wares and setting up for the big day and my house is looking so pretty! I have to get a pic of this wonderful tuscan painting I picked up that’s hanging in the dining area. It’s way too cool!

So how are you all preparing these last couple of days before the big one? I made my big shopping list this weekend while I am fine tuning that and getting all my recipes together. I feel so organized! I do feel like that’s super important before any type of event, well not only being organized but the FOOD! I honestly can (and have at this point with this particular holiday) become obsessed with what I’m going to serve food-wise. I haven’t really thought about what kind of “specialty” (aka boozy) drinks are going to be there! Well, actually, that’s a little bit of a lie, a couple months ago, the hubs and I were up at his parents house having dinner, and the MIL introduced me to this WONDERFUL port wine called Dows (which she thought was ironic considering that she actually lives on a road with that word in it) and so I picked it up at Safeway for $9!! I was in shock.

<–here’s a pic of some of the bottles…just in case you guys want to try it yourselves.

[pic from it’s actually also a good source if you want more info on the wine.]

I also bought a big ‘ol bottle of baileys when I went to costco. I love that store…mmm baileys and cream…*sigh.*

Oh, and you can’t forget the eggnog and rum! Actually I don’t need rum. At all; but the hubs won’t drink the stuff without it. Oh well, makes things more interesting when the wii tourney starts later that night (that is, if everyone isn’t in a food coma or nursing food babies. Haha I crack myself up! 😛 ).

Oh and while I’m thinking about it, I have to go on a little rant:

WTF is with these stores opening at MIDNIGHT on Thursday for black Friday?? That is SOOOO ridiculous!! I can’t even handle it. Ok, just thought I’d say that.I can’t really say too much or I’ll start getting legitimately upset. It’s like come on, talk about getting in the way of the actual holiday…ok breathe, Andrea, breathe…

Now time to focus on something a little more sentimental, or cheerful anyhow:

Don’t forget to really think about what this holiday is about: being truly and completely thankful for everyone and everything that you have. Have fun creating wonderful new memories with family (or friends if your having a friendsgiving–cute name!!) and being thankful for having those people close by to share the holidays with. I truly, madly, and deeply love those who I am capable of sharing the holidays with and I am thankful every day for having them around.

If I don’t get a chance to get in touch again before Thursday, have a wonderfully happy Thanksgiving; and remember to pace yourselves! 😉



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