Thanksgiving’s in less than a week (and other awesome stuff)!!!

HOLY guacamole.

I cannot believe that in SIX days, I will be hosting my first ever thanksgiving dinner in my new home. How amazing!! Even though I know that it’s a lot of work/stress/planning, knowing that I’m going to be creating awesome memories in my home that my husband and I worked so hard to get into, plus creating our own traditions, makes it all worthwhile. I don’t think I’m going to be able to decorate QUITE like what you’ll see in the pictures below, but I’ll keep these in my dreams and hopefully I’ll be able to do this kind of thing next year:

SO thankful ♥thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Thanksgiving #Thanksgiving#Thanksgiving  Thanksgiving Thanksgiving  Thanksgiving thanksgiving#thanksgivingThanksgiving <– I just thought this last one was cute…couldn’t leave it out! 🙂

Now, I have to share with you guys my OMG moment of the weekend that I will be partaking in:

Pinned Image say it with me now: EEEEEEEE!!!

So just in case you can’t catch on, I’m going to see this movie TONIGHT with two of my good friends! Woooooo Hoooooo!! Don’t worry, I won’t blog about (too many)spoilers. 😉

The rest of my weekend will be extremely dull in comparison, aka lots of pre-thanksgiving cleaning/shopping, and lounging. All of which (well except for the cleaning part) I will have no problem in enjoying.

 Here’s some more food for thought before I start my weekend adventures:


  Hilarious <–Just in case anyone needs a good idea for a gift!! *wink wink*

I've been really into patterns lately and this is one of my favorite ones so this pic made me happy :) <–ummmm mom? (she’s a beautician for those not in the know)

Classic In-Drawer Knife Block - Natural  <–I actually really want this!

ok… and I had to add this for good measure:

Pinned Image 


[all pics from, except for knife block from]

Alrighty guys!! Don’t have too much fun without me! 😀 xx


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