Happy Veterans Day!

Hello all my fellow Americans (or even non-americans who enjoy reading this American’s blog),

Happy Veteran’s Day(again)! I firmly belive that today is a great day of the year, because we dedicate it towards giving the men and women who have served in our armed forces the credit that they deserve. Although I feel that these people deserve this kind of gratitude and appreciation daily, it’s nice to know that we get to observe it with such notice even if it’s for one day. In my family, my step father,his sister,his father,and my husband’s dear grandfather who recently passed were all members of different military branches. My husband’s sister is actually currently in the military. 

As I see (especially in my town) a rising in military enlistment, although I am fearful for them, I am proud that they are willing to risk their lives and go on to do great things in the name of our country. If it weren’t for these brave people I doubt I’d even be here writing this message to you guys today. I can’t express enough how much appreciation/love I have for my freedom and knowing that I can do the things I do because of the protection I get from our military services and their dedication to stand up to people who might not like us so much.

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Also, I do have to take the time to wish my aunt Lenda a very Happy Birthday! 😀 I hope it’s really special for her.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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