Wild Wednesday!

So this morning has been pretty crazy at the workplace, but I wanted to take a minute to post a little guide for thanksgiving I found a couple weeks back done by Bon Appetit magazine. Unfortunately it’s a couple days late for it, but I still find it very useful! 🙂 Here’s the link: http://www.bonappetit.com/tipstools/holidays/2010/11/thanksgiving_checklist

Do any of you guys have any traditional recipies that you like using during the holidays? This year we’re hosting the big t-day dinner at my house, and I have taken charge and chosen to cook the turkey at my house (eek!!) I’m still deciding on which recipe to choose from, but remember a couple weeks back when I posted about how excited I was for the turkey day edition of Rachael Ray magazine to come out? I went out and bought it (surprise…I really just need to subscribe already!) and there are some really easy ideas in there that I’m thinking will end up on my table this year. Are you going to try anything new?

Have a wonderful day, guys! 🙂 x


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