Why hello there internet land people,
Ohhhh my goodness, I’m so ready for this weekend. Work has been crazy, my co-worker finally for sure found out she’s expecting a girl! Yahoo! It’s what she really wanted, so we’re all really excited for her at the clinic. And besides the typical insanity that is MCHC, we’ve been having some technical issues…and when that happens people tend to get UNHAPPY. Oh well, now they have 2 whole days to simmer it over and come back with a better attitude! 🙂
Anywho, on to the fun stuff: what is happening!! As for me, I am going to a wedding! It’s my first fall wedding so I’m actually a little more excited than I typically would be. Also I’m happy to meet the hub’s friend from work who is the groom. I love weddings! Ohhhh and I’m going to just throw it out there right now, and say that I will also be spending the rest of my weekend (aside from copious amounts of cleaning,laundry,etc) spent on being WAYYYYYYYY TOO PUMPED for the release of the new Twilight movie!!!!! EEEK!!

I posted this pic on my facebook just yesterday (haha):

If you don’t have twitter I apologize if you aren’t capable of seeing this link, I’ll give you a hint: handprints.

On to other sweet topics, here are some cool things that I’ve been into this weekend: <–easily one of the funniest post-halloween halloween videos you will ever see.

Once-Upon-A-Time-Picture-250x187.jpg<–really awesome new show I’ve been watching! 🙂 Catch it on [pic from]


TThe show I’m actually watching while writing this post! So multi-talented. [pic from]

Alrighty people, sorry this post is so short and sweet, but I hope you guys all have a great weekend! And puhleeeeeeeease watch that post halloween halloween video if you get the chance! Especially if you have kids. I promise you’ll get a kick out of it.

PS. Sorry about the different text, I don’t know how to fix it and I’m too lazy to re-type. :/


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