Tasty Thursday


So yesterday I was browsing around pinterest.com (LOVE that site) and I came across the most delicious banana bread recipe and I had to share it!

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[image from pinterest.com]

Yeah…I know what you’re thinking, HOLY YUM, right?? The recipe is from a foodie blogger website called cookiesandcups.com. The one thing that really draws me to blogs that keeps me coming back is their writing style; being able to bring across the screen to the reader writing that sounds like a conversation is something that I personally strive for in writing this blog and she achieves it perfectly, so if you have a chance, check it out!

I actually made this recipe last night and it was DEEEElicious. Two things that I would recommend:

                             1. If your oven runs hot, don’t let it cook for the whole hour. My outside got a little bit more done than I’d prefer…that’s why I’m not posting a pic…it’s not the prettiest! Haha.

                             2.If you can’t find the little mini peanut butter cups, I’d recommend chopping up the miniature cups smaller, as the bigger chunks can be a little overwhelming. Also, if you can’t find the super small cups and you can only get the 12oz. bag size, be conscious of how much you put into the batter as you don’t want it to be a big ol chocolatey breaded mess with a little banana.

Have fun!

PS I hope you guys like the profile change…I felt the last outlay was a little to rough around the edges…I like a little more femininity!


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