I Love Friday!


So yes, the big day (of the week) has come! Thanks to good ‘ol Halloween awesomeness, there is A LOT going down around the Humboldt County area this weekend:


 Drink pink at the Six Rivers Brewery in McKinleyville has been going on all week, and goes through the weekend. They’re donating a percentage of their profits for a great cause, and they have some CUTE shirts that they’re selling! I’m thinking about grabbing a cold one and a BLT [they make awesome sandwiches up there] this weekend myself. Any more info can be found on their respective facebook page, they’ve been doing picture/status posts all week so there’ll be tons of good info.

[copies of flyers taken from respective companies’ facebook pages]

Also, there’s a costume party/Dr Squid (a local band) will be playing at the Cher-ae Heights Casino both nights this weekend. For more info about this event, check out : http://www.cheraeheightscasino.com/entertainment/firewaterlounge.php

As for what I am doing this weekend, that’s so up in the air…as is my costume idea (still)! I’ve been playing with the idea of being a mermaid, I really want to do something with super glam make-up. Whatever it is, it’ll sure to be home made! Not that I don’t support that AT ALL, I’ve taken 2nd place at a costume contest with a completely home made creation, those can be some of the best costumes around for sure. Most definitely the cheapest!

OH, and before I depart, I have to share a couple things I have been loving this week:

The most HILLARIOUS blog I have seen in quite a while, definitely a must read for any new dads out there: http://assholebaby.blogspot.com/ [warning: do NOT read if easily offended, he’s not really good at clean humor].

www.nectar.com -HOLY GUACAMOLE, people, they have the CUTEST boots for only $48 on this site…it’s ridiculous. For copyright purposes I’m not going to post a pic, but if you’re really curious about this super affordable sites boots that I’m mentioning, they’re Qupid brand knee high brown boots.

Alrighty people, be safe and have FUN! I want to hear all about it. 😉 xo


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