It’s already Thursday?! What Happened? […and Halloween-y Goodness]




Ohhhh my goodness!

I don’t know about the rest of you out in internet-land, but for some random reason, this week has just been FLYING by for me! I can’t believe there’s only one day separating me (and most of you) from the weekend! I’m really excited because it’s the first one since hunting season that the other half will actually be in the same county as me, so I’m stoked. But anywho, I said I would do a more Halloween themed post, so here we go!

I love Halloween, I don’t look at it from a religious perspective at ALL, it completely sucks the fun out of it! It’s like come on, let’s just give kids in cute outfits free candy, and let’s go out in super cute costumes and be whatever the heck we want to be for ONE night without judgement. That’s one thing I strongly encourage/support with this day is the fact that you can do WHATEVER (let’s keep it on the legal side please) without people so much as glancing an eye! It’s amazing! People who can’t at least enjoy a baby in a lil monkey costume have no fun button. It’s that simple. 

Ok, enough of the ranting, on to the fun stuff! Here’s a list of some really cool Halloween things I enjoy, and also some cool stuff I’ve seen so far on the internets: -this is a suuuuper funny (sorry not really kid friendly) video that kind of supports my outlook on Halloween. -easily the most viral (and yes kid-friendly) video on YouTube, and it’s perfect for this time of year. I love this soooo much!

Halloween?    halloween?HOW stinking cuuuute! No one can hate Halloween now.

Halloween EWWW scary decor!

Halloween Fun party table!

HalloweenFor my pregnant co-worker. LOL

[all photos from]

What am I going to be, you ask? Good question! :/ I was all set and ready to be little red riding hood (which I was totally in love with the costume I picked out too) but like the good ‘ol procrastinator I am, I didn’t buy one in time. So back to the drawing board for me! We are doing a theme at my work on Monday, but I don’t want to quite say what we’re going to be at the front desk, so stay tuned for a pic or two!

Hope your weekend’s flying by just as fast as mine! Here are some fun pics from the week so far:

image-My super sweet nails my mumsy did over at her new shop Redwood Roots Salon (on Central in McKinleyville)

image-Can you guess who my inlaws’ new neighbors are?? Thanks guys! 😀 (btw this is my favorite cheese EVER so I was pretty happy when the hubs came home with this surprise)!

image-Here’s my man over at his g-ma’s with her hilarious little parakeet. He’s trying to get it to make a home in his pocket. Lol!


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